Maison Idiart

Maison Idiart

More about this Producer After several years travelling the world, he moved to the sales side of the wine business, mainly in North America. Now at 33 years old after 7 years of sales, he decided to go back to winemaking with an artisan approach: small batches, hand crafted wines... Read More

Les Vignerons du Mont Ventoux

More about this Producer The Ventoux appellation mostly is in the Comtat, sheltered by Mont Ventoux, the “Giant of Provence”, and on the Plateau de Vaucluse. An extraordinary site blessed with a wide variety of soils, the Mont Ventoux region was designated a Unesco Natural Biosphere Reserve because of what... Read More

Les Vinobles Foncalieu

More about this Producer Thanks to their meticulous selection of the very best vine plots, the Foncalieu winegrowers have crafted a magnificent range of terroir wines. Their technical teams include international talents who revel in this mosaic of terroirs. Michel Servage and the 1,200 winegrowing estate owners produce upmarket wines... Read More

Fleur Violette

More about this Producer Winemaker Nicolas Idiart grew up with a passion for wine, and became the youngest graduate of the winemaking school Blanquefort in Bordeaux at 19 years old. His artisan approach to winemaking enables him to continuously create high quality, hand crafted wines, like the Fleur Violette Cabernet... Read More

Champagne Dumenil

More about this Producer Later, when the wines of the region started to be sold as champagne, their success was thanks to the quality of those same vineyards, and others like them, which was already well recognised. Mention of the Duménil family can be found in public records going as... Read More

Domaine du Grand Tinel

More about this Producer Two longstanding and well known families of Chateauneuf du Pape, Jeune and Establet, who can trace their ancestors back to the 14th century, united their properties by a marriage between Christiane Establet and Pierre Elie Jeune in 1960’s, and the Domaine du Grand Tinel was established... Read More

Domaine de l’Espigoutte

More about this Producer At Domaine de l’Espigouette, they carefully work the vineyard (various plowing, budding, leafing, harvesting, etc .) according to the climatic characteristics of vintage and different terroirs. This multiplicity of the soil allows for complexity to the different wines of the area, the rollers provide rich, bold... Read More

Domaine Couly-Dutheil

More about this Producer The Chinon region has all the qualities of the greatest soils. Its semi-oceanic climate is exceptionally mild and benefits of long sunny periods. The variety of soils and their particular qualities allows the cabernet-franc (98% of the vineyard) to express all its fineness and its celebrated... Read More

Charles Orban

More about this Producer In about 1960, Charles bought a press and built a fermenting room to become completely independent and able to create a HOUSE STYLE. Over the years, from 1949 until the present day, production has increased from 800 to 200,000 bottles. At the end of the 20th... Read More

Poulet et Fils

More about this Producer Our winery is situated along the steep hills of the Drôme valley. Our vines are planted in small plots down the Vercors mountains. They benefit from an exceptional climate ranging from the harshness of winters to Mediterranean summers. Our Clairette de Die is elaborated from Muscat and Clairette... Read More
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